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Asphalt Patching and Pothole Repair

Asphalt Patching and Pothole Repair

A key component to parking lot maintenance is asphalt patching, not only to improve the appearance of your parking lot, but ensure the safety of its users.

Cold-Patch Asphalt Repair

The asphalt patch available from your local hardware or home improvement type stores is referred to as cold-patch asphalt.  Cold-patch asphalt is too soft to be used as a permanent fix, but can provide a temporary patch for that pothole in your parking lot.

Hot-Mix Asphalt Patch

The best way to repair potholes or damage to your asphalt parking lot is by saw-cutting and removing the damaged asphalt.  Once the damaged asphalt is removed the base needs to be re-compacted, and then the new asphalt can be placed.  Hot-mix asphalt is placed in lifts (layers) and compacted.

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